Bixa orellana

Bixa orellana

Annatto (/ ə ˈ n æ t oʊ / or / ə ˈ n ɑː t oʊ /) is an orange-red condiment and food coloring derived from the seeds of the achiote tree (bixa orellana. Bixa orellana l common names achiote in language achote in language anattostrauch in german bija anatto in language lipsticktree in language mugo-simu in language. Annatto is native to continental tropical america it has been introduced elsewhere in the tropics and sub-tropics becoming naturalized in the margins of forest, in. Colorante natural producido a partir de las semillas de un arbusto (bixa orellana las semillas de annatto contienen bixina un carotenoide amarillo sus coloraciones. 『西语助手』为您提供bixa orellana的用法讲解,告诉您准确全面的bixa orellana的中文意思,bixa orellana的读音,bixa orellana的同义词,bixa orellana的反义词,bixa. English: achiote français: roucou, arbre à rouge à lèvre suomi: annatto tagalog: atsuwete.

以下其他wiki使用此文件: bnwikipediaorg上的用途 দইগোটা enwikipediaorg上的用途 bixa orellana fawikipediaorg上的用途 درخت آناتو hrwikipediaorg上的用途. Plant of the month: bixa orellana annatto, achiote, lipstick tree bixa or annatto is well known for its seeds which. 《中国植物志》全书80卷126册,5000多万字。记载了我国301科3408属31142种 植物的科学名称、形态特征、生态环境、地理分布、经济用途和物候期等。该书基于全国80余家. Achiote (bixa orellana) is a shrub or small tree originating from the tropical region of the americas north, central, and south american natives originally used the. 爱词霸权威在线词典,为您提供bixa_orellana的中文意思,bixa_orellana的用法讲解,bixa_orellana的读音,bixa_orellana的同义词,bixa_orellana的反义词,bixa_orellana的例句.

红木(学名:bixa orellana l),别名胭脂木,红木科红木属,常绿灌木或小乔木,高2-10米。叶具长柄,心形或截头形。在广州花期从6月开始,顶生圆锥花序,花粉红色,花瓣5. Der annattostrauch (bixa orellana) ist eine pflanzenart innerhalb der familie der annattogewächse (bixaceae) sie ist in der neotropis heimisch und wird auch in. Hosted by the usgs core science analytics and synthesis page designed through the cooperative efforts of interagency itis teams point of contact: [email protected] This page was last edited on 14 april 2017, at 21:34 text is available under the creative commons attribution-sharealike license additional terms may apply. Le roucou (bixa orellana l, 1753) est une espèce d'arbres ou d'arbustes des régions d'amérique tropicale on l'appelle aussi urucum (au brésil) achiote (en. Media in category bixa orellana the following 109 files are in this category, out of 109 total.

  • Achiote (bixa orellana) is a shrub or small tree from the tropical area of the american continent the name comes from the nahuatl word for the shrub, achiotl.
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  • Achiote (bixa orellana) its history and uses as dye, food additive and medicine an ethnobotanical profile of achiote.
  • La etimología del nombre binomial corresponde a bixa, latinización del portugués bixa orellana, dedicado al explorador español francisco de orellana (1490-1546.
  • Preliminary pharmacological studies were performed on the methanol extract of bixa orellana l (bixaceae) leaves to investigate neuropharmacological, anticonvulsant.

De orleaanboom of anattoboom (bixa orellana) is een soort struik of boom in zuid-amerika die zijn faam dankt aan de kleurstof die uit de vrucht gewonnen wordt. Bixa orellana's wiki: achiote (bixa orellana) is a shrub or small tree originating from the tropical region of the americas north, central, and south american. Bixa orellana bixaceae l the map above shows countries where the species has been planted it does neither suggest that the species can be planted in every. Achiote, otherwise referred to as annatto or the lipstick tree, originated in south america.

Bixa orellana
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